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Stability, Ease, and Insight with Djuna Mascall:

October 25 – 27, 2019.


You can also register by filling out a paper form (available at the studio) and giving it to a teacher or mailing it to Rainforest Yoga, PO Box 20437, Juneau, AK  99802.


This weekend immersion will combine the powerful techniques of asana, anatomy, pranayama, and meditation, with Dharma teachings. The asanas will be explored through a unique combination of somatic movement, anatomical illumination, and skillful sequencing. Meditation will give insight into the mind, heart, and emotional body. Each session will include postures, breath, wisdom teachings, and meditation. This immersion is open to all practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of yoga. All sessions will be held at Rainforest Yoga. 

The Fans of the Hips ~ Friday evening- 5:30- 8:00 pm 

The hip joints and pelvis are supported by muscular fans that, when well balanced, allow for ease of movement and fluidity through the pelvic bowl and organs, and provide stability in the lower back. This session will stabilize and release asymmetry and stagnation in and around the pelvis, and offer novel approaches to classic asanas. Ease in the hips will facilitate our meditation posture and ability to rest in awareness. 

Freeing the Shoulders, Rib Basket, and Diaphragm ~ Saturday-  9:30-Noon

This session will open the upper chest and stabilize the shoulder blades. We will practice supine, seated, and standing postures to set the shoulders efficiently on the spine, unwind the rib basket, and facilitate deep diaphragmatic breathing. Pranayama will offer a bridge from asana to meditation.

Releasing the Neck, Jaw, and Cranium ~ Saturday- 2:30-5 pm

This session will address the neck, jaw, and cranium. We will investigate how proper alignment of the skull brings balance to the entire system, both in asana and meditation. Through inversions, supported asanas, somatic practices, and chanting, we will pacify the nervous system. We will emphasize pratyahara, or tending to the senses, through working with the eyes and tongue, deep inner listening, and tracking internal sensations. This will facilitate a spacious mind and the possibility of insight. 

True Core ~ Sunday 9:30 -Noon

The core is the innermost sheath of the body, arising from the inner arches of the feet, inner legs, and the muscles closest to the spine. The core provides deep support for the organs and low back. When we engage the core, we use less force and increase ease in all movements, including arm balances and inversions. This session will offer a dynamic intermediate practice with modifications to accommodate all practitioners.

Calming the Anxious Body-Mind ~ Sunday- 2:30 -5 pm
This session will feature asana designed to support meditation. 

Anxiety and fatigue can be constant companions that can derail our well-being. When we align the mind with the slower rhythms of the body, we can unwind and reconnect with a calm embodied presence. The practice will offer techniques to ground the nervous system, relieve insomnia, and gather the mind. The yoga sessions will be both dynamic and nourishing for ease and resilience. 

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