krounchasanaoutline_stamptransp.fwRainforest Yoga offers scholarships to members. These scholarships can be used to offset the costs of workshops, or for teacher training. There are two ways to submit the form to us:

1. Fill in the PDF form on your computer, save, and e-mail it to us at  OR

2. Print out the form, fill it in, and mail it to us at: PO Box 20437 Juneau, AK, 99802; or drop it by the studio (there’s an envelope hanging in the foyer).

Fill out this Scholarship application

Rainforest Yoga Scholarship Selection Criteria
Approved by Board of Directors February 26, 2012

1. To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must be a resident of Southeast Alaska. We interpret “resident” to mean that you are physically present in Southeast Alaska for at least 185 days during each year. New residents will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2. Only current members of Rainforest Yoga are eligible for a scholarship award. An applicant should ensure that his/her membership is current at the time of application.

3. The training/workshop must be directly related to one of the eight limbs of yoga.

4. Recipients will be expected to share knowledge or skills gained at the training/workshop with the local yoga community. Preference will therefore be given to RFY teachers, who intend to share what they learn with RFY students. Applicants must clearly state on the application how they will share this knowledge/skill with the local yoga community.

5. Preference will also be given to active Rainforest Yoga students. “Active” means the person attends RFY classes on a regular basis and has done so for at least three months. The scholarship committee will contact the appropriate RFY teachers (or students, if applicant is a teacher) to obtain feedback on the applicant’s commitment to yoga.

6. We will give preference to people who have not previously received scholarships from Rainforest Yoga. No person will be awarded a scholarship more than once in a 12-month period.

7. Scholarship awards will not be awarded or denied based on an applicant’s gender, ethnic group, religious belief, age, sexual preference, or nation of origin. If an applicant has a disability that could be an obstacle to completing the proposed training/workshop, he/she should address that issue in the application.

8. Current Scholarship Committee members and their immediate relatives are not eligible for awards.

9. Only complete applications will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. Please read over your application before submitting it to ensure that you have answered every question.

10. You must apply for a scholarship at least two weeks before the start of the workshop.

11. The Scholarship Committee may consider any exceptions to these criteria on a case-by-base basis.

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