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  1. Your calendar cuts off everything listed. I am looking for beginner classes I work at the hospital. I could get there be 5:30. Are any beginner classes then? Can I arrange for private instruction?

    1. Hi Mimi!
      Yes! In fact there is a Level 1 & 2 class on Mondays 5:30-7:00, and a Gentle Yoga Class on Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 that are both great options for beginners.
      Hope you can make it!

  2. Lunch time class needed!!! As a single working mom I can neither make early mornings nor stay after work. I need a lunch time class. Please find someone who is willing to teach a noon class.

  3. Agree with Kate re lunch time classes needed!
    In the past there were well-attended noon classes

  4. I also have been looking for lunch time classes. I became a member a couple months ago, but I have not been able to make evening classes yet. I work full time, and when I go home in the evenings, I’m doing my master’s program. I also sit all day long, so a 45-minute class in the middle of the weekday would be absolutely perfect.

  5. I also would love a lunch time 1 hr class. Middle of the day is the best time for me. Something beginnerish and balencing after sitting all day would be perfect. Thanks

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