Membership and Fees

Rainforest Yoga Membership 2019

Class Prices:

Discount Coupon Books for Members*

$10 for 45-minute classes

$12 for 1-hour classes

$14 for 1-1/2-hour classes

$80 for 8 1-hour classes (a $96 value)

$96 for 8 1-1/2-hour classes (a $112 value)

A pay-as-you-can option is available.
*You must be a member to purchase a coupon book.


Becoming a Rainforest Yoga member is voluntary and can be done at the studio or by printing and mailing in the membership form below. The annual membership fee is $25, which contributes to the support of Rainforest’s mission. Revenue generated from annual dues and workshops goes to offset the cost of operations and of bringing guest teachers to Juneau. One-third of all annual net revenue is set aside for scholarships to students and teachers for training and workshops.


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