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Summer Class ~ Yin Yang Yoga with Chrissy

Yin Yang Yoga with Chrissy Vorpagel

Saturdays May 6-Sept 23 ~ 10:00-11:30am

Designed to train both our active and receptive modes of being. More rajasic or “type a” people will be met where they are using muscular energy, while also beginning to develop techniques for slowing down and introspection. More tamasic or “mellow” people will also be met where they are in the yin portion of the class, while beginning to develop techniques for enlivening their energy system. The practice  offers  people of both constitutions a more sattvic, or balanced practice leaving them in a state of energized clarity and centeredness. Discover the value of practical yoga traditions in everyday life and new pranayama  or “breathing” techniques for mindfulness and balance.