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Join us for our NEW SATURDAY CLASS

~Yin Yang Fusion with Chrissy~

This Yin Yang Fusion class is a style of yoga that combines elements of both Yin (long-held postures that reach deeply into the connective tissues) and yang (shorter-held postures that work to strengthen the muscles).

Each class will begin with the introduction of an idea through the lens of yogic philosophy that can be applied to how we live our daily life. Centering through carefully selected breath-work sets the foundation to open up slowly and honor an intention. The sequence will gradually build layers of engagement while honing in on alignment principles. The strong vinyasa portion of the sequence which follows, fully embodies and embraces the philosophical theme. The sequence will then work its way back down toward the floor moving through the 6 ranges of motion for the spine and ending in a guided relaxation.

~Class schedule~